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What is Coins.ph

Founded in 2014 by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Ron Hose and Runar Petursson,Coins is Southeast Asia’s leading mobile blockchain-enabled platform that enables anyone, including those without bank accounts, to easily access financial services directly from their phone. Using Coins, customers have access to a mobile wallet and services such as remittances, air-time, bill payments, and online shopping at over 100,000 merchants who accept digital currency. Operating in the Philippines and Thailand, Coins' mission is to increase financial inclusion by delivering financial services directly to people through their mobile phones.

P.pw a new way to earn money

P.pw is the newest way to earn money.

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You can earn my by shortening your URL and share the link to your facebook, twitter forums and your web site.

Get paid for every person who visits your URLs. You are required to earn only 5$ before you will be paid. We offer simple to install tools, you can easily get paid for every visitor who comes to your website.

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How will I be paid?

We send payment using PayPal or Payoneer.
For PayPal (http://www.paypal.com), the lowest withdrawal amount is $5.
For Payoneer (http://www.payoneer.com), the lowest withdrawal amount is $10.
Payments are sent automatically once a month, provided that the lowest withdrawal amount above has been obtained. 

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What will happen if I wasn't able earn enough to be paid?

There is no need to worry in case you fail to earn the minimum amount to be paid this month. What you have earned shall be carried into the next month or until you are able to meet the minimum amount. 

Is it okay to ask people to click on my links so that I can make money?

No. It is essential that the user should click on your P.pw links for the sole purpose of getting to the destination website and not because they were solicited or forced to do so.
It is prohibited to offer ANY reward for a user in exchange for clicking on an P.pw link aside from the destination link content. For instance, you cannot give points, bonus or money. 

Is it okay to shrink websites that has adult material?

No. Shrinking website URLs that contain or link to adult material is prohibited. Generally, adult material is considered as anything that is unsuited to persons below 18 years of age, but the ultimate decision as to the classification of adult material is at our discretion. If you are not certain whether the site is adult or not, please contact us for further information. 

How can I report incidence of abuse?

To report any incidence of abuse that may have come to your knowledge, please use our dedicated form located at:http://p.pw/abuse 

How does this work?

P.pw is a cutting-edge service that enables you to make money from every visitor to your shortened links. The process is simple.
  • Create an P.pw account by clicking on the “Join” button that is found on our homepage at http://p.pw
  • You will then need to log in to your newly created P.pw account.
  • Type in your favourite website in the big white box. Click on Shrink! Afterwards, your initial P.pw URL will be shown and it may look like this example:http://P.pw/A
The work starts now that you have an P.pw URL that is connected with your account. 

You must exert every possible effort to give maximum exposure to your P.pw link as you will be paid for each person that will click on the link. If you already own a website, the most efficient way to get exposure is to ‘shrink’ URLs already on your site and substitute them with P.pw links. When visitors to your site click on the links, you will make money. 

There is nothing to worry about if you do not own a website as there are many ways to attract people to click on your P.pw links without resorting to spam! Here are some helpful tips:
  • Take advantage of Facebook. If you have an awesome site that you can share with your friends, shrink it using P.pw first.
  • Use forums. Reach out to people on a forum and help them by answering their questions. Then, shrink any website URLs with P.pw and make sure to incorporate them in your post. However, be careful not to spam or your account will be suspended. Remember this golden rule when taking advantage of forums: never violate forum rules.
  • Maximize your opportunity with Twitter. If you have many followers on Twitter, then P.pw is just perfect for tweeting money-making links.
  • Use venues where you usually post links. Be innovative and get paid by us each month!

Why aren’t all of my visitors being counted?

Please make sure that you have waited up to 6 hours for our data to get updated.
There are several reasons that may explain why numbers do not match.

The following must be complied with so that we will be able to pay you for your traffic:
  • JavaScript must be enabled
  • Flash must be enabled
  • Cookies must be enabled
  • Minimum of 5 seconds view of the advert
  • Proxy server must not be used, except when we have advertisers that desire this traffic
  • Not more than 5 links should have been already viewed that day
  • The advertiser must be one who is willing to pay for traffic from their country
The last point is very essential. We cannot show an advert if we do not have an advertiser that matches your visitor.

We put every effort to minimize unpaid defaults, but, depending on the country of your visitors, this is a likely event. 

Can you stop an individual shrinking my URL?

Yes. We can do that provided that you send us a complete DMCA notice at our abuse address at http://p.pw/abuse. This must include our name / company and legal declaration. Afterwards, we will block it.
In the event that we block a URL on P.pw, no one can shrink it later on (although it may include your own account). 

Topics for Advertisers

How long will it take to be shown on my account after I have paid for a campaign?

Normally, campaign deposit payments should be instantly shown. There are, however, some instances when this may not be possible.

It is advisable to give it 24 hours from the time your payment was made. If you are using PayPal, please check that your payment status is not ‘pending.’ There may be delays due to fraud checks, but you can check this by viewing the transaction in your PayPal account.

In case your campaign is still not being displayed on your account after a lapse of more than 24 hours and the payment status is not ‘pending,’ please do not hesitate to contact us. 

How long will it take to have my advert reviewed?

Generally, it takes less than 24 hours, but this is not assured.
Review may take up to 48 hours. Please wait for this amount of time to lapse prior to contacting us.
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High Search Rankings Means More Cash

Author: Jmac

In the internet marketing business there are many different buzzwords that float around and around. Words like "targeted traffic" and "search engine optimization" and "affiliate income." Most of them have a lot to do with the internet search engines, because after all if you can figure out how they operate than you have 99% of the game figured out. Basically if you are selling something than you need buyers, and the portal that the buyers come to your sales page through is almost without exception the search engines. The higher your site's search rankings are the more people will come to your site and the more sales you will make.

Given the fact that most peoples pages are on a level playing field as far as desirability for the customer, it really is the search rankings that separate those who have to work another job because they are barely making enough to pay for hosting, and those who work very little and own several houses all over the world that they rotate through on a month to month basis. It's simple math really, the higher the rank the more customers, the more customers the more sales, the more sales the greater the profits, the greater the profits the more home that you own around the world.

So how do you achieve these valuable high search rankings? A great question and one that doesn't really have a good answer because no one really knows who. Why is that? Well thats because the search engines don't post a month-to-month bulletin that details the criteria they are using to grade topic relevancy. Why not? Well they don't because if they did people would exploit the system so that they could get high rankings (and therefore more traffic) even if their relevancy sucks. Well doesn't that happen anyway? Of course it does but it takes us all a lot longer to do it the guess-and-check way.

Anyway there are many different ways that people have found that help promote their site to the search engines in such a way as to get good search rankings. A lot of it has to do with keyword research, and diversity of page forms, amount of information, and the amount of information on related topics, and the number of links that the page has, and on and on. This is valuable knowledge and the guys that have it are willing to give it and the tools that they have made to automate these procedures away for a price. Let me tell you if you haven't been doing this for the last 10 years than you have no choice but to bite the bullet and purchase your knowledge. I will also tell you though that when you finally start to get it and understand the potential for income generation that you have you will be so glad you threw the cash down. It's out of this world baby!

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About the Author:

Jmac is an online researcher of Affiliate Marketing, for more insight on how people all over the world are earning an income online go to

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com - High Search Rankings Means More Cash