How Can An Affiliate Get Free Marketing - Learn About Article Marketing

Author: Doug Quinn

Are you new to online marketing and would like to know “how can an affiliate get free marketing?” There are a few free marketing techniques available to affiliates who are looking to advertise their products without running up any overhead cost. But my favorite method is article marketing, also known as burn marketing.

What is Burn Marketing?

The goal of burn marketing is to try and get your article and website top ranking on one of the many top Internet search engines. Search engines, like Google and Yahoo, scan article directories on a continuously to keep their search results fresh for Internet consumers.

Affiliate simply write as many relevant articles as they can that are relevant to their product website and display a link in the resource box for consumers to surf back to their product page. What the affiliate needs to do is make sure the article is unique, relevant, and uses highly searched keywords for the consumer to look up. Before you know it, your articles will get published on one of the many article directories and will get top ranking as long as the article is good.

How can an affiliate market for free using article marketing?

The greatest thing about article marketing is that there is no overhead cost. It is totally free. The only thing that it cost the affiliate is time writing and submitting. But as you practice, more quality articles will be developed and more consumer traffic will flow towards your website.

I hope that I have been able to answer your question “how can an affiliate get free marketing?”

About the Author:

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The Truth about Money Making Blogs

Author: Ray Bordelon

It may appear to a lot of people that blogging is a thing for the hobbyist. Several individuals don't realise that you are able to gain more income with your money making blogs than any other form of advertising.

Entirely all that you need to concern yourself about is the fresh content of your blog, because its all about bringing in new prospects. This is exercised by writing fresh articles daily to ensure that your prospects expectations are satisfied. If your blogs does not get a fresh and daily update, your prospects could begin searching other blogs that could provide them more information.

The sole answer on how to pull in a income with your money making blogs is done by advertising. There are hundreds of companies out there who need visibleness and presence. Whenever a blog specializing in a specific niche, say, car accessories, then this blog site will have many propects who look forward to reading fresh articles about car accessories. And since the blog site is about the automotive industry, the blog owner will have a great oppornunity to sell their car accessories or other car products.

Prior to, people starting to earn an income with money making blogs, internet sites were merely personal sites where prospects could share information and to search for online business opportunities. Today, blogs are categorized in niches and many individuals use blog sites to pull in prospects, and the more prospects they take in, the more likely for earning a good income. So how does a person make real cash by blogging.

The reality is that most people with huge profits from blogs have worked for it. Merely like with a traditional internet sites, The heavier the volume of traffic to your blog the more you can make. Drawing that traffic is a matter of building up incoming links, and page optimisation so that search engines will rank your site higher than other sites, and advertising, is another subject of its own.

This Article was written by Ray Bordelon

About the Author:

Ray specializes in teaching new entrepreneur’s simple strategies for online success. His passion for family, business, and faith is contagious. Quote: “Ray is the real deal! If you implement his strategies, your home business will succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

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Make Money Selling Your Photographs Online

Author: Dan Feildman

Do you havea passionfor photography;? Wereyou aware that you could turnyourpassionintoan extraincome? If you havea digital camera, an Internetconnection, and accessto a photoeditingsoftware programyou can makemoneyselling;photos;online. Interested? All you need to do is read on for sometipson making thishappen.

Withthe advent of the Internetwe now havea globalmarketplacewhere you can findanythingyou want, includingphotos;. Stockphotography;sitesprovidephotos;to consumerssuch as web designers,productmarketers, newsletter creators,etc. It is throughthese stockphotography;siteswhere you could makemoneyselling;photos;onlinesimply by uploadingyourphotos;and waitingfor these consumersto purchase them.Even simple,basic photos;of flowers can attract customers.

Decidingon a themefor yourphotographs;is important. You wantto attract the attention of the consumersand the only way you can is by uploadingattractive, quality photographs;. Creativity is alsoimportantas you wantto put a new spin on basic items. People willbe lookingfor imagesthat willenhancetheir productso you definitelyneed to put an original spin on yourphotos;. For instance, a ladywith red lipstickin one hand and a cherryin otherwillsellmore thana monkey jumpingthroughthe trees.

Are you a newbie to photography;? Takingphotos;as a hobby is a bit easier thanwhenyou wantto market themfroma professional viewpoint.I recommend you do someresearchon how to takequality photos;priorto submittingwhatyou haveto the stockphotography;sites. You can finda variety of tutorial e-books that can guide you throughthisprocess of how to makemoneyselling;photos;online

After you havedone yourresearchand taken;somequality photos;you willwantto submit the photos;to the stockphotography;sites. Each site has its own guidelines for submissionbut a general ruleis that yourphotos;are in .jpg format. You willwantto makesureyourphotos;are crystal clear with no grainor noise. Make sureyou don'tincludenamebrandsor labels in yourphotos;as these willautomatically be rejected. Don\'t forget,you can use photoeditingsoftware to remove these items and fix lighting and quality problems.

Naming yourphotographs;is one of the mostoverlooked elements of stockphotography;. Whennamingyourphotos;you wantto includekeywords that are appropriateto the photoitself.Thisis anotherarea where researchwillpay off.Typicalconsumersuse keywords to searchfor whatthey are lookingfor and you wantto ensureyourphotos;appear on the first page. Look at similarphotos;and see whatkeywords they use to describe whatthey are selling.

The mostimportantpart is yourpayment.Priorto submittingyourphotos;you willwantto check out the terms and conditions for each site which shouldgiveyou an idea whatthe commissionratesare.Somestockphotography;siteswillholdbackas much as 50% of the selling;price as their fee so you willdefinitelywantto finda site that meetsyourneeds.

Uploadingto more thanone stockphotography;site is a good idea and there are manyto pickfrom. Getting yourphotos;sold is the key so by submittingthemto a variety of agencies increases yourchance to earn a higher incomeand makebig moneyselling;photos;online.About the Author:

Receive a FREE Stock Photography report that exposes how to Sell Your Photographs and Discover how to make money selling photos online with just a digital camera, PC and internet connection and discover our Stock Photography Guide and further Photo selling tips and ideas.

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Work and earn in microWorkers

What is Microworkers all about?

Microworkers is about connecting people who need something done (Employers) with people who want to help (Workers). These "things that need to be done" are called "micro jobs".

Accepting a job

A Worker is allowed to accept same job only once. Using more than one account and accepting same job more than once will result in account termination. Workers should only accept jobs they are capable of finish. If you think you cannot deliver results, don't accept that job! Accepting a job and submitting a false proof will raise a red flag. In most cases three (3) red flags lead to account termination.

I'm a Microworker... How and when do I get paid?

Workers get paid when their Employer rates the task submitted as "satisfied". When a Worker logs into their account, they can check the status of various tasks they have submitted. If a task is marked "not satisfied" by the Employer, you (the Microworker) will not get paid. If a task is marked "satisfied" you will get paid. Workers can withdraw earned money through several different methods: PayPal, Check, Moneybookers, etc. After you have requested a payout, it takes up to 15 business days to process your payment.

Sign up bonus

When you register with Microworkers Sign up bonus will be added to your account. Sign up bonus will be spent for new Campaigns (jobs you create). That means you can use Signup bonus and ask people to help you with something. You can not withdraw Signup bonus as it separated from the account balance.

Get Hired on oDesk

What is oDesk?

oDesk is a freelance site where your services can get paid by the hour or by fixed-price bids. A client (termed as buyer) get to post their job so that they can get a freelancer (termed as provider) to do that particular job. These are small contracted work where the client can handpick his freelancers or he can wait for active freelancers to apply to his job. oDesk offers jobs from data entry to writing as well as their initial job offerings in programming, graphics and web design jobs.


Create a Profile

To begin with, one has to create a profile. That profile is a lot similar to a resume. A portfolio is also very helpful in proving one’s capability to finish a job. It took me a day to update my profile but once that it is done; I was appealing enough for some interested clients. I wrote some tips for the oDesk blog to help several oDesk freelancers on polishing their profiles to make their edge for the first job.

Measuring One’s Skills

Don’t forget the tests too! oDesk offers free tests that measure the skills capabilities. Programmers can get tests related to the programming skills; writers can also get tests that are related to writing. These tests are important, especially to those who do not have any oDesk work history and feedback to back up their profile. The oDesk Readiness Test (ORT) is a new test about the oDesk policies and procedures to make sure that freelancers are ready to apply and accept jobs in the marketplace (I have not encountered this test in the first place).

How Job Progress is Monitored

Hourly jobs are monitored using special software called oDesk team that needs to be downloaded and installed in the freelancer’s computer. That software logs in the time consumed, and captures a snapshot of the entire freelancer’s screen at regular intervals.

I adding a YouTube video here for you that clearly explains how oDesk works:

Get Paid

For the Philippine-based freelancers, almost all oDesk withdrawal methods are available to get the earnings here in the Philippines. I highly recommend using Payoneer and Paypal. US freelancers get to withdraw their earnings out of oDesk using ACH.

There are plenty of writing jobs that await bloggers in oDesk too! The banner below leads you to the oDesk site, and you can sign up for a FREE account now!

My Second Payment From TrekPay

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This was the picture when I request it 09/03/2009 I made $ 5.54 in just 3 weeks

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