How Can An Affiliate Get Free Marketing - Learn About Article Marketing

Author: Doug Quinn

Are you new to online marketing and would like to know “how can an affiliate get free marketing?” There are a few free marketing techniques available to affiliates who are looking to advertise their products without running up any overhead cost. But my favorite method is article marketing, also known as burn marketing.

What is Burn Marketing?

The goal of burn marketing is to try and get your article and website top ranking on one of the many top Internet search engines. Search engines, like Google and Yahoo, scan article directories on a continuously to keep their search results fresh for Internet consumers.

Affiliate simply write as many relevant articles as they can that are relevant to their product website and display a link in the resource box for consumers to surf back to their product page. What the affiliate needs to do is make sure the article is unique, relevant, and uses highly searched keywords for the consumer to look up. Before you know it, your articles will get published on one of the many article directories and will get top ranking as long as the article is good.

How can an affiliate market for free using article marketing?

The greatest thing about article marketing is that there is no overhead cost. It is totally free. The only thing that it cost the affiliate is time writing and submitting. But as you practice, more quality articles will be developed and more consumer traffic will flow towards your website.

I hope that I have been able to answer your question “how can an affiliate get free marketing?”

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