Make Money Selling Your Photographs Online

Author: Dan Feildman

Do you havea passionfor photography;? Wereyou aware that you could turnyourpassionintoan extraincome? If you havea digital camera, an Internetconnection, and accessto a photoeditingsoftware programyou can makemoneyselling;photos;online. Interested? All you need to do is read on for sometipson making thishappen.

Withthe advent of the Internetwe now havea globalmarketplacewhere you can findanythingyou want, includingphotos;. Stockphotography;sitesprovidephotos;to consumerssuch as web designers,productmarketers, newsletter creators,etc. It is throughthese stockphotography;siteswhere you could makemoneyselling;photos;onlinesimply by uploadingyourphotos;and waitingfor these consumersto purchase them.Even simple,basic photos;of flowers can attract customers.

Decidingon a themefor yourphotographs;is important. You wantto attract the attention of the consumersand the only way you can is by uploadingattractive, quality photographs;. Creativity is alsoimportantas you wantto put a new spin on basic items. People willbe lookingfor imagesthat willenhancetheir productso you definitelyneed to put an original spin on yourphotos;. For instance, a ladywith red lipstickin one hand and a cherryin otherwillsellmore thana monkey jumpingthroughthe trees.

Are you a newbie to photography;? Takingphotos;as a hobby is a bit easier thanwhenyou wantto market themfroma professional viewpoint.I recommend you do someresearchon how to takequality photos;priorto submittingwhatyou haveto the stockphotography;sites. You can finda variety of tutorial e-books that can guide you throughthisprocess of how to makemoneyselling;photos;online

After you havedone yourresearchand taken;somequality photos;you willwantto submit the photos;to the stockphotography;sites. Each site has its own guidelines for submissionbut a general ruleis that yourphotos;are in .jpg format. You willwantto makesureyourphotos;are crystal clear with no grainor noise. Make sureyou don'tincludenamebrandsor labels in yourphotos;as these willautomatically be rejected. Don\'t forget,you can use photoeditingsoftware to remove these items and fix lighting and quality problems.

Naming yourphotographs;is one of the mostoverlooked elements of stockphotography;. Whennamingyourphotos;you wantto includekeywords that are appropriateto the photoitself.Thisis anotherarea where researchwillpay off.Typicalconsumersuse keywords to searchfor whatthey are lookingfor and you wantto ensureyourphotos;appear on the first page. Look at similarphotos;and see whatkeywords they use to describe whatthey are selling.

The mostimportantpart is yourpayment.Priorto submittingyourphotos;you willwantto check out the terms and conditions for each site which shouldgiveyou an idea whatthe commissionratesare.Somestockphotography;siteswillholdbackas much as 50% of the selling;price as their fee so you willdefinitelywantto finda site that meetsyourneeds.

Uploadingto more thanone stockphotography;site is a good idea and there are manyto pickfrom. Getting yourphotos;sold is the key so by submittingthemto a variety of agencies increases yourchance to earn a higher incomeand makebig moneyselling;photos;online.About the Author:

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